Why you should invest in 2021

In a recent Stuff Magazine article, Janine Starks, the author of www.moneytips.nz and financial commentator, states that 2021 is the year to invest. In her opinion, if you decide to invest, you won’t regret it five years form now. Janine writes “If there was ever a time for taking financial advice, now is the hour. Keep up your contributions, but this is a year to invest outside KiwiSaver and ensure you are highly diversified across different managers, local and international markets. If you can name what you own, you don’t own enough.”


If you have any questions or would like to invest, contact Amicus today to speak to a Financial Adviser or read more about how we can help regarding investments here.

Article written by Janine Starks, Stuff Magazine.

Article Posted 20th March 2021, Stuff Magazine.

Source: https://bit.ly/3esGpF9

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