“Protecting What Matters Most”

Amicus motto is to protect what matters most, and what doesn’t matter more than making sure families access quality care and have the ability to provide their children with an education.

This is the aim for New Beginnings Preschool Inc, a small not for profit, community-based preschool in the heart of the Linwood Community. They believe the children of our community need a caring and responsive environment to learn and develop their potential and recognise the value and importance of education and knowledge.

For the majority of families well-being goes back to the basics of; food, water, warmth and connection. A current need for their community is warmth and their goal is to locally purchase woollen blankets for 70 children.

To help achieve this goal, Amicus is proud to support the New Beginnings Preschool and have made a donation towards this.

If you would like to learn more about their work or help support their goal, click here or email Olivia, Community Lead Teacher at New Beginnings Preschool, directly at olivia@nbp.nz.

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We’re locals, protecting locals

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