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Our local experts help you protect what matters most. We advise insurance for everything from house, contents, car to life, disability and health. We start by understanding what’s most important to you. And then we personalise a solution that fits your lifestyle, family and assets. We will work with you through your life stages as your needs grow and change.

Income protection

A benefit paid monthly if you are unable to work due to accident or illness. Whether you are self employed or an employee, we’ll personalise the cover and work with you to minimise potential offsets, including ACC.

Life insurance

A lump sum to cover income, debt clearance and family security in the event of death.  Life cover is all about protecting you and your family’s financial future. Allow them to continue their lifestyle and protect the assets that you’ve worked hard for.

Health insurance

Health cover gives you the right to healthcare when you need it. Avoid lengthy wait times and have access non-Pharmac funded drug benefits, specialists and tests.

Home and contents insurance

Protect your home, household contents and personal effects from loss or damage in everything from large events to small mishaps.

Vehicle insurance

Comprehensive cover to protect you against damage to your vehicle or damage to other people’s vehicles and property in the event of an accident.

Mortgage protection

Cover to help you continue your mortgage repayments if you are unable to meet your mortgage and/or household expense requirements due to illness, injury, or accident.  Offers the ability to reduce the effect of any offsets including ACC.

Trauma protection

A lump sum payment to support you and your family if you suffer a serious trauma condition, most commonly cancer, heart attack or stroke. Ask us about free children’s trauma cover.

Disability protection

Covers you and your family in the case of serious injury or if you are permanently unable to work.

Boat insurance

Comprehensive cover for your boat or jetski for accidental loss or damage.

Travel insurance

Cover for overseas travel for you and your family.

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