How to save time on your business insurance tasks

If you’re a busy SME decision-maker and it feels like there just aren’t enough hours in your day, you’re not alone. When we spoke to SMEs across New Zealand for the Vero 2019 SME Insurance Index, one of the major challenges SMEs told us they faced was managing time.

Yet an area many SMEs could make significant time savings in is the way they manage insurance tasks.

SMEs who manage their own insurance are more likely to view time as a challenge

41% of SMEs that do not use brokers say trying to do everything alone is a key challenge.
27 % of SMEs that are heavy broker users say trying to do everything alone is a key challenge.
This year’s Index found a correlation between SME decision-makers that don’t use brokers and SME decision-makers who view managing their time efficiently as a significant challenge.

How a broker can save your business time

Your insurance broker can help with the full spectrum of insurance tasks: from helping you understand your business risk, to finding appropriate policies that offer you and your business the best value, to setting up insurance in place, and helping you to manage any claims you need to make.

The benefit of expert advice

Your broker knows the insurance market. When you delegate to them, you can free up your own time and have a specialist working on insurance tasks for you.

Delegate doesn’t mean hand over control

When it comes to how and what you delegate, there’s no one-size fits all approach. You and your broker can come up with a plan that works specifically with your business needs. Delegating doesn’t mean handing over control. Your broker is there to give you advice, to give you all the tools to make your insurance decisions, but the final decision will always be yours to make.

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Article written by Catherine Bateman,Executive Manager, Brand & Customer Experience at Vero

Article Posted 14 February 2020 by Vero


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