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Amicus is a locally owned, independent financial advice and brokering business established in Christchurch in 1996. We operate as two arms. Amicus Group provides services to clients in Wealth management, Life/Health / Disability insurance, Group insurance, Home Loans, and Kiwisaver. Amicus Brokers provides services for Commercial, Rural, Property, Liability, and Domestic insurance (House, contents, vehicles, and boats).This means we are a “one-stop-shop” for all your financial advice needs.

As Amicus Group Limited is not tied to any one manufacturer, we have access to a broad range of providers (insurers, banks, fund managers, etc) and products across the market. Our financial advisers under Amicus Group Limited are engaged directly by Wealthpoint Limited, (FSP678011) which holds a financial advice provider license, with effect from 15th March 2021. For more information, visit

Amicus Brokers Limited is an independent insurance brokerage firm. It operates under its own financial advice provider license, issued by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

Between the two companies we have approximately 40 staff from diverse backgrounds to provide specialist advice, no matter your situation. We service over 10,000 clients from all walks of life across New Zealand.

If a client wants to discuss their situation and perhaps obtain some advice, then contact is made, and a Financial Adviser will meet with you. Ideally, in person at our Amicus office or at an agreed location and time. Meetings can also be held over the phone or on the internet.

At the initial meeting, the Financial Adviser will help you establish your goals, objectives and personal requirements via a “fact find” conversation. This will outline the advice process including providing the relevant information ensuring compliant financial advice is provided. A “Scope of Service” is agreed upon whereby you and the adviser agree on the fields in which advice is to be provided. The Scope of Service includes what we can advise on, our limitations, fees, commissions, any reliability events as well as any conflict of interests and privacy information.

The Financial Adviser then will take some time to make enquiries and research the market to then present the advice tailored to your unique objectives and personal requirements. This might be at a second meeting or via email.

Client agreement is then required to implement the recommendations i.e. type of insurance policy, home loan provider and loan structure, investment strategy, and products. There is an opportunity to ask questions and changes can be made to the recommendation. We then work with the provider to implement the cover.

Importantly, there are no commitments/obligations to make any decisions until you agree on what is to be implemented/put in place, if at all.

Once the product is implemented Amicus will then look to conduct regular review meetings with you to ensure the products remain suitable to a clients’ ever-changing situation.

A broker/adviser is required to act in your interests as they are working for you to find a solution to your requirements. This differs from an agent or employee of a bank or insurer who might be limited in their advice/offering as they are employed by that financial institution.


Our brokers/advisers are in effect contracted by you.


A broker/adviser will also be there if things get messy, for example, an insurance claim or major life change. We act in your interests to ensure the best possible outcome for you. Our service is personal to you.


Having said that, just like anything, not all brokers/advisers are equal. We do hear from new clients about poor experiences with other brokers just as we hear about poor experiences provided when clients interact directly with the banks, insurers, etc. At Amicus, we are committed to providing quality service in a timely fashion. We aim to be open and honest at all times.

Our aim is to make navigating your financial arrangements as easy as possible. We believe we are a brand that you can trust. With over 25 years in business and experienced advisers covering the full financial spectrum, we can stay with you throughout your journey and provide advice at all stages. So, whether you are starting a family, becoming self-employed, running a large business, looking to retire, or buying a home, we are here to help.

We are proud to be Canterbury owned and operated, which allows us to contribute to the local economy. We are also proud to sponsor local clubs and organisations.

The businesses get remunerated slightly differently depending on the type of Advice you are seeking.

For policies written under Amicus Brokers Limited please refer to our Disclosure Information.

For policies written under Amicus Group Limited initial meetings are at no direct cost to the client (unless a fee for service is pre-agreed). At the initial meeting how we are remunerated will be discussed and agreed upon. Generally, we are remunerated by the providers who have pre-set agreements with our Financial Advice Provider, Wealthpoint, who determine the amount of remuneration we receive for any given transaction. Wealthpoint, in turn, takes responsibility that the advice given is compliant with NZ regulations. When fees are charged to a client, they must be agreed upon upfront in writing before the implementation of any products will be made.

For further information, please view our Disclosure Information.

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