Disclosure Information

For Amicus Brokers Limited

Disclosure Information

The following information provides you with an important overview of Amicus Brokers Limited, licence status, our duties to you, fees and our complaints procedure. This Disclosure Statement is required under the Financial Markets Conduct (Regulated Financial Advice Disclosure) Amendment Regulations 2020. It will help you (the client) make an informed decision whether we, Amicus Brokers Limited, and our adviser’s financial advice and products are suitable for your needs and whether to seek, follow or accept the financial advice.

Licence Status and Conditions

Amicus Brokers Limited, FSP38241, holds a current financial advice providers licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand (FMA). Financial Services Legislation Amendment Act 2019 requires Amicus Brokers Limited to hold a current licence for our Advisers to provide financial advice services to our clients.

You can report information about us to the Financial Markets Authority at: www.fma.govt.nz or email questions@fma.govt.nz but if you want to complain you should use our dispute resolution procedures described under Complaints & Dispute Process.

To view the Amicus Brokers Limited licence go to the Financial Service Providers Register and search our Financial Service Provider (FSP) number FSP38241.

As a Licenced Financial Adviser Provider, Amicus Brokers Limited have Standard Conditions on our licence, these conditions are not specific to Amicus Brokers Limited and does not limit or restrict Advice that may be given.

As a Licenced Financial Adviser Provider, Amicus Brokers Limited have no specific Conditions on our licence that limit and restrict the advice we may give.

Nature and Scope of Advice

Amicus Brokers Limited give financial advice on Insurance Products for Commercial and Domestic clients, such as:

  • Domestic: house, contents, landlords extension, motor vehicle, boat and construction works insurance
  • Commercial: property, business interruption, commercial motor, marine, liability, professional indemnity, cyber and construction works insurance
  • Premium financing for your general insurance policies

Amicus Brokers Limited only provide financial advice on General Insurance Products. Our Insurance product providers are Insurance businesses in New Zealand and are licenced under the Reserve Bank section 19 of the Insurance (Prudential Supervisor) Act 2010. The Insurers have a financial strength rating from an approved rating agency. View the Insurer ratings

Amicus Brokers Limited’s Insurance product providers are required to have financial strength ratings with a minimum of A- and above. When you receive a quote from us, you will be supplied with the current strength ratings for the product providers that we have quoted for.  If you accept the financial advice, we will supply a current rating for the product provider that you have selected.

Fees, expenses, or other amounts payable

Amicus Brokers Limited may charge clients fees for financial advice. We will tell you what the fee is before you accept any advice from us or our Advisers. We will charge fees that are payable by you the client when our advice is followed, accepted and the insurance policy is purchased. The fees we charge are for our service, placement, implementation, claims advocacy, and administration of the insurance policies that you choose to accept and purchase. The total fees payable may vary with the number of insurance policies that you choose to purchase.

The fees are payable by you and are due as stipulated on the invoice.  View our payment terms (Terms of Trade PDF).

Commissions and other incentives

Amicus Brokers Limited does receive a commission when the client accepts our financial advice and purchases an insurance policy. The commission is paid by the Insurer (product provider’s) for the insurance business on each insurance policy that the client purchases. The commission paid to us can be between the range of 0%-25% with the exception of Travel Insurance which ranges from 0-30% of the insurer portion (total premium of the Insurance Policy less government levies and taxes).  Click here to view our commission table.


We are a member of NZbrokers Management Limited, NZbrokers Management Limited provides services such as IT, education, training, technical insurance product, claims support and group member benefits to us. When a client accepts our financial advice and purchases a policy, NZbrokers may receive a service fee or technology fee from the Product Provider.

Conflicts of interest

We recognise that the above commissions and incentives may create conflicts of interest for Amicus Brokers Limited. To ensure that we and our advisers prioritise your interests above our own, we follow an advice process that ensures recommendations are made based on your individual goals and circumstances. Our advisers complete annual and ongoing training about how to manage conflict of interests and a register of interests is maintained. We monitor these registers and provide additional training where necessary. We perform an annual review of our compliance programme.

You should be aware there are potential conflicts of interest that you the client may need to take into consideration when you decide to seek and accept financial advice from us or our Advisers. We will make you aware of any conflicts when giving advice.

Reliability Events

Amicus Brokers Limited has not been subject to any other reliability events that would influence you the client in deciding whether to seek or obtain advice from us or our advisers.

Complaint & Dispute Process

If you are not fully satisfied with the services provided by Amicus Brokers Limited, please contact your financial adviser (broker) directly. To make a complaint or to read about our complaints & dispute procedure.

Adviser Duties

When giving advice all our advisers must:

  • Hold a Level 5 New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services by 15th March 2023.
  • Maintain competence, knowledge, and skills for giving financial advice by completing continuing professional development.
  • Abide by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Services and have ethical behaviour, good conduct, and provide client care.
  • Listen to the client carefully to discover their needs.
  • Recommend products or services that meet the client’s needs and explain why.
  • Give clear and concise communication.
  • Protect client’s information.
  • Give priority to the client’s interests when giving financial advice.

Contact Details

Name of financial adviser Provider: Amicus Brokers Limited
Trading names: Amicus Brokers
Telephone Number: 03 962 7744
Address: Level 1, 116 Wrights Road, Addington, Christchurch 8024 or
PO Box 5507, Papanui, Christchurch 8542
Email address: info@amicus.co.nz
Website: https://www.amicus.co.nz

This disclosure information was updated on: 10th of April 2024.

For Amicus Group Limited

Licence Status and Conditions

Our Financial Advisers under Amicus Group Limited are engaged directly by Wealthpoint Limited which holds a  financial advice provider licence. For more information, visit the Wealthpoint website.

Nature and Scope of Advice

Our Financial Advisers give financial advice on:

  • Life Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
  • Business Disability Insurance
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Income Protection Insurance
  • Mortgage Lending
  • Debt Management
  • Budgeting
  • KiwiSaver 
  • Investment
    • Investments Selection
    • Investment Planning
    • Retirement Planning

Where an adviser can not give advice in the above areas, you will be referred to another adviser within Amicus Group Limited who can give advice in that area.

Our Financial Advisers do not provide financial advice on House Insurance, Contents Insurance, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Commercial General Insurance or Rural General Insurance. Please view our individual staff bios for further information regarding specific advice offered and limitations.

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