Businesses shouldn't get stuck with a widowed shareholder

Janine Starks  May 19 2018

OPINION: Here's a bit of advice. Don't get stuck with a widower.

That's not something gleaned from the pages of a dating website for older women. It's proper business advice and it applies to men too. Avoid widows.

My business partner and I had "the death chat" years ago when our company started getting serious. The firm had a prosperous future, but what sort of mess would we be in if one of us dropped dead?

In our case we'd have a double mess on our hands. We ran an investment firm and our skills were largely gained offshore. It wasn't possible to just pluck a replacement from the New Zealand financial industry.

We'd already discovered one Kiwi working in London and promptly employed him. These gems were hard to find.

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Amicus Brokers has some exciting changes afoot

 Amicus Brokers has exciting changes afoot as we’re moving to a new buyer group, NZbrokers.  However this move includes changing our client management system, which will result in some interim limitation of services. 

Please be advised we will have reduced ability to make policy changes from 3pm on 21 September until 4 October.  Be assured we will still be able to view all your records, respond to your queries and liaise with insurers on your behalf. 

Many thanks for your patience during this period.  We will do our very best to minimise any inconvenience these changes may cause.

Insurance premium holiday for M. bovis farmers

Wednesday, 01 August 2018 10:24
Written by Rural News Group

Life insurance provider Fidelity Life says its special relief offer will help farmers deal with the financial impact of Mycoplasma bovis.

The company says customers who are suffering financial hardship due to the impact of the disease on their farms can apply to put their premium payments on hold for up to six months, without affecting their insurance protection.

Fidelity Life chief distribution officer Adrian Riminton says the company has a responsibility to look after its customers, particularly in tough times.

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Life Insurance Glossary

A guide to some life insurance terms that you may hear us talk about.


The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) supports New Zealanders who suffer a physical injury and in some cases the mental trauma that comes with it. Its main role is to cover people’s treatment costs or lost income while they recover, with the goal of getting them back to work.

ACC does not cover illnesses or deaths due to natural causes, and the amount you can receive from ACC if you’re injured is also capped. That’s why it can be a good idea to protect yourself and your family with your own insurance, for things ACC doesn’t cover or to top up ACC payments.

Accelerated vs Stand Alone

Some insurance benefits can be structured in two ways: accelerated or stand alone.

An accelerated benefit is a payment that comes off the total sum of your life insurance if you make a claim. A Stand Alone benefit is just that – a benefit that sits on its own, and doesn’t reduce any other benefits you may have if you make a claim.

Accelerated benefits may reduce your overall life insurance cover, but they are a cheaper option for giving you cover in more circumstances. And you may be able to buy back the cover at a later date.

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'No, ewe drive!': Is this the most 'Kiwi as' image of all time?

11 Jul, 2018 9:49am

By: Heath Moore

Social Media and Trending Reporter for the
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A New Zealand farmer's creative way to herd a sheep from a paddock has been labelled one of the most "Kiwi as" acts of all time.

Josh Jackson was trying to round up one particular sheep on his Taupō farm when he decided to take a slightly different approach.

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