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So, KiwiSaver and what should we be doing at the moment? First up I’ll tell you what I am doing; Nothing major at the moment.

My KiwiSaver is in a High Growth Fund – 100% shares or close to it. I’m not sure what the current balance is. I haven’t looked. I encourage everyone to follow that practice. I am sure it will be down considerably (probably about 25% I suspect) but I don’t need to torture myself by looking.

COVID-19 Update

Due to the impact of Coronavirus, Amicus has closed our doors to the public until further notice. We are carrying on business as usual, providing the same service to our clients, except that any meetings will be held via telephone or video conference calls rather than in person. You can continue to contact us on the numbers below, or by email. Individual email addresses are on the “who we are” page.

Amicus - Latin for a ‘Friend’

In these uncertain times it’s reassuring to know that you have a Friend in Amicus. Amicus is here to support you, your family and businesses with advice and answers to the many questions you may have at this time.

The following are frequently asked questions regarding your Life, Trauma, Disability and Income Protection benefits.

Corona crisis intensities, but corrections ultimately provide opportunity and reward quality

Global markets are currently in a state of turmoil as the COVID-19 virus crisis continues to run amok and government action is perceived as inadequate. While commentators are raising the probability of a recession to a near-inevitability, it should be remembered that interest rates are at historical lows and moving lower, extra fiscal spending is in the pipeline, and there are currently-sound employment and consumer balance sheet levels in key economies, including in New Zealand. This means that there is a fair likelihood that once medical and better quarantine solutions to the virus emerge and panic subsides, the typical consumer will not be as severely impacted as was the case in the Global Financial Crisis or during previous economic and market downturns.

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