Understanding the value of car insurance

For some people, a car is just a way to get from A to B. For others, their car is a symbol of freedom, their pride and joy, their mobile office (or wardrobe), and a lifeline to friends, family, and work. Regardless of how you use your car, it’s likely you’d be lost without it. This is especially true if you don’t live in an urban centre and can’t rely on regular, frequent public transport.

Thousands of e-Bike & Drone Owners Not Covered by Insurance

Simon Moss, partner services manager of NZbrokers, one of the country's largest insurance brokerage groups, says their analysis of the home contents policies on the market found significant complexity and variation in the policy wording - leaving many e-bike and drone owners unexpectedly without cover for loss, damage or third-party liability.

How to protect your small business against incidents that are out of your hands

Running a small business successfully can be incredibly rewarding. As well as providing a means of making a living for yourself and your employees, it can also give you a strong sense of accomplishment as you watch your business grow. If something were to happen that would prevent your business from operating for a few days, weeks, or even months, it could have a significant impact on your wellbeing and that of your employees.

Protect your people and your equipment

As a small business, there are two things you depend on more than anything else. The first is your people and the second is your equipment. Without either of those things, your business would likely be unable to operate.

Five things your commercial property insurance should cover

For most enterprises, commercial property insurance is high on the list of priorities when it comes to risk mitigation. After all, your premises and equipment are the lifeblood of your operations. Downtime due to damage can be more than just inconvenient and expensive. It can also potentially damage your reputation if you’re unable to operate as normal and can’t fulfil your customers’ needs.

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